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Yoga & Soul talk

For the next level health - freedom - soul connection

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"The highest possible experience for a human being is to madly fall in love with life. And from this love, you naturally want to birth the new. The next level."


About Anna

Author - Yogi - Sustainability developer - Energy healer - Entreprenour - Trailblazer


Anna has studied and taught traditional yoga and inner work all her adult life and apprenticed with Manju Pattabhi Jois for over 10 years.


Her teaching is more intuitive than technical, moving between yoga asana, energy work, intuitive movement, meditation, pranayama and self-reflection.


Regardless of the techniques, the underlying purpose is always to make room for the natural flow of life force, leading people back to their innate essence and paving the way for what the universe wants to express through each unique life.

Anna is also the author of the popular books "A feeling of me", "A part of everything" & "What it feels like", as well as Yoga Chikitsa - Healing techniques and assistance.


The mastery program with Anna Bjärkvik is absolutely fantastic. It's such a wide range of ingredients; self-reflective, yoga philosophy, asanas etc. Everything Anna teaches, she does with great love and with a desire for you to find your inner strength and your own foundation. Anna helps you find yourself back, which is the only place you can passionately live and lead from.

Anna Larsson

This course has offered more than one could wish for. Anna has a broad and deep knowledge of yoga and its philosophy and is very generous in sharing her knowledge and experiences. I have learned an incredible amount about how to work with your students as a teacher, how to best meet them where they are in their practice. Above all, the course has been an investment in developing myself and in time I look forward to being able to share my knowledge with you as well. The fact that the course is also in a closed online group makes it extra flexible because you can watch when you want, but being part of it when it is broadcast online is always a little extra fun because you feel both Anna's energy and the dynamics in the group. I recommend the course from the bottom of my heart!

Johanna Andersson

This course has had everything that I have been looking for and wanted to learn more about. During the course I have felt that I have taken my own practice to another level, I have had to work on myself both physically and mentally. It has been very good to be able to go back and watch the lessons several times. I have felt that what you Anna conveyed to me has matched the image of how I want to convey yoga to others.

Jessica Samuelsson

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