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The mastery training

You have established a continuous practice, and experienced the bliss of yoga.
Now you want a deepening, of experience and knowledge.
And the journey towards mastery begins. Here.

2018 I started to train yoga teachers with the blessing of my own teacher Manju Jois. Since then I have trained over 50 teachers, many of them I am still mentoring. So much have evolved since 2018. How I practice, how I teach, the depth of how I experience the benefit of yoga in my being. It is all next level. And this work will continue to evolve. 


The mastery training is an online based training & personal mentoring where I share all that you need to know to guide others on the path of traditional vinyasayoga, energy work and embodiment practice. And, it is a container for a deepening of your personal development, as it is what you have truly embodied that you inevitably will transmit to others. 

It is for you that wish to continue your journey towards mastery with me, as well as for you that feel called to start the deepening of your journey of yoga.


Apply below to join if you feel called. (And after we sign you up you will start the training with the start of next module/month) 

With love and excitement


A new immersion module every month

Including 4 live lessons (that you also can view later) + extra material when needed. 


Live lessons are scheduled for Mondays 16.00

Personal mentoring and guidance

I am simply here for you throughout your journey.


Certification level 1: 6 modules 

Certification level 2: 12 modules 

Certification level 3: 18 modules 


(Those of you who have previously completed "Block 1 & 2" can refer to these for further certification.)

Monthly Mastermind meetings with the group

Once a month we meet to network, discuss different topics, share experiences and deepen our connection. When possible we meet in the physical, otherwise online. 

Full access to the practice container

The weekly live sessions in the practice container + library

Connection with an amazing community of likeminded yogis

Because connection and relationship is the foundation for all inner work. We rise together as diverse parts of the one! 

Upcoming modules


JJanuary - Dharma

February - The foundation of Asana


March - Suryanamaskara & Energy Flow


April - Healing hands and assistance


May - Asana clinique focused on digestion, hips, psoas and lowe charas


June - Money as energy flow 

What you need to know.

Your teacher for the program:

Anna Bjärkvik

Author - Yogi - Sustainability developer - Energy healer - Entreprenour - Trailblazer


Anna has studied and taught traditional yoga and inner work all her adult life and apprenticed with Manju Pattabhi Jois for over 10 years. Her trainings and experience in yoga, energy work, intuitive body movement, philosophy, sustainability and business development would make a very long list. But the only thing that is really important is her capacity to hold space and truly LOVE to see you develop in the direction of your Dharma.

Minimum commitment is 6 months. 

Investment cost:

2000:-/month in 6 months (Total cost for 6 months is 12000:-) 

(Prices in SEK - Vat 6% is included)


- A new immersion course every month (4 live sessions every month + recordings and study materials when needed.)

- Full access to "the practice container" (4 live classes every month + growing library with recorded classes.)

- Monthly mastermind meetings with the group. 

- Personal mentoring during sessions and after when needed.

- A living network of yogis on a similar path. 

- Certification in 3 levels. (Those of you who have previously completed "Block 1 & 2" can refer to these for further certification.)

Who can join?

You need to have an established personal practice to be able to get the most out of our work here. What it looks like doesn't matter.

You do not need to be able to stand on your hands, sit in lotus or perform in any way to join. Every body is welcome here no matter its size, age, way of moving in the world. 

You need to feel the excitement in your heart to join, and from that only we can create miracles together. 

Fill in the form below to let us know you wish to join, and we will help you from here.


/Anna & Team 

I am interested!

Send your request to apply her

I celebrate your application, and reply to you soon! 

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