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Terms for personal data (GDPR)

The person responsible for personal data stored at Soul Talk AB is Anna Bjärkvik.


We collect and store personal information to:

- Be able to invoice the customer for events, courses and products in our online store.

- Be able to contact customers in connection with upcoming or ongoing courses.

- Send newsletters via e-mail to those who signed up for our newsletter.


All our saved data is on one and the same computer, password protected. For the services we use for invoicing and accounting (Visma e-Economy) and our website solution, events, online store and newsletter (Wix), we refer to their terms of protection of personal data and trust that they comply with applicable laws. We only save the information that is necessary to perform our tasks.


Under no circumstances do we share personal data with other companies, authorities or individuals without first asking the person in question.


We permanently delete data that we no longer need, for example people who are no longer a customer / supplier with us.

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