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The practice container

Here is where we practice!

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Library with recorded classes

16 prerecorded guided classes with different therapeutic purposes.

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Traditional vinyasayoga, energy work and soul talk.

Always focused on therapeutic benefits and healing, not performance.

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We do it together!

In the community space you can share your experience, ask questions or connect in whatever loving way you need. 

What you need to know.

Your teacher for the classes:

Anna Bjärkvik (International authorized teacher of traditional vinyasayoga with over 10 years of full time teaching experience.)


444:- (SEK)/Month

(Cancel anytime)


A library with 16 prerecorded classes.

A community space to get to know your fellow practitioners, ask questions and share your experiences. 

All type of bodies and minds are welcome in this container, and we will make you feel at home in both the space and in your body.

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