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Hello, my friend!


There is so much inside you that can't be seen from the outside.


Your insides can tingle, jingle, tickle, and burn.


Those are feelings that move inside your body and put you into different moods. It will be so exciting to explore all that you feel. 



All that we feel teaches children to explore all the emotions that move around in the body. How does it feel to tingle, tickle, and jingle? Could some feelings need to come out through tears, laughter, or a little song? Inspired by mindfulness and yoga, this tender book offers movement, sensory, and visualization experiences that deepen self-awareness for both parent and child.



Anna Bjärkvik (Author)

Caroline Midbeck (Illustrator)

Laura Geiger (Translator)

All that we feel - Mindfulness for children

170,00 krPris
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