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The frequency family

A community of frequencies, wealth and business the embodied way

We are a community of entrepreneurs. Passionate about holistic health and to merge body and spirit, as well as science and spirituality. We are yoga teachers, voice workers, authors, kinesiology practitioners and more that at one point got done with doing it all on our own. We now work in community, unite forces and create wealth in all areas of our lives. Through the science of frequencies and the device we all use and love, the Healy. 

And we would love to tell you more if you long for this too!

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This is some of us

When you get your Healy and join our network you get...

- Free high end coaching, that will help you grow an embodied business. 

- Free access to many of the offerings of our team. (Yoga containers, coaching, online courses)

- An opportunity to a high additional income.

- A thriving network of entrepreneurs.

- A leading edge frequency device to aid the wellbeing and healing of you, your family and clients. 

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